Finished Tea Drawing

Here’s the tea drawing, finished, with color and a little bit of added texture!

Here’s how it looks printed, nestled in the most appropriate spot in our apartment: The print is up on etsy here.

I used to really dislike coloring, as I would become paralized with indecision at the possibilities.. just to show how much a simple difference makes, here’s a shot of the piece about half-way through the editing process, the fun, silly in-between part.

Yay! So much fun!

6 thoughts on “Finished Tea Drawing

  1. Gorgeous! My grandma claimed that tea is the only truly life-giving drink – it looks like the girl is being rejuvenated or revived by it.

  2. You are seriously amazing!!! LOVE everything you do, specially the insects… I found you on Karinas blog (Ka Entre Nos)! And you inspired me to go back to drawing and painting (or at least trying!)

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