Back to bugs and shadow boxes

To prepare for some upcoming shows this summer I brought home a box full of small, white shadowboxes which were on sale at Ikea – feeling the need, again, to work with bug carcasses. First step: paint black.

Second: do the drawings to fit the frames: pencil, ink, and watercolorGlue drawing to cardboard and attach insect(s): I still have some left over from my miscellaneous beatle/bug bits order from last summer, and will probably be ordering more soon, as I’m down to random leg and head pieces. Hmm. Some frankenbugs might be in order…

Then, frame! Oh, I’ll also take this opportunity to show off my new map, to track the world-travels of my little cute girls. Thank you so much!! Kiki never ventures far when you’re working, but she’s pretty entertained by her new drug (catnip) pouch and circle of paper.

Only eight more frames to fill!

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