I made a vest!


With pockets!

I looked for a long time trying to find an xs mens vest without stupid unnecessary silkscreened crests and floral motifs all over, so I decided to give making one a try. The last vest I’ve sewn was something like fifteen years ago, and I didn’t really understand the concept of “instructions”, so it was very artsy and… ugly: I was very proud. But I do think the fabric had planets and stars, so … points there. We can’t wait to move to asia so we can find clothing in our sizes. Until then, we’ll just have to make them ourselves.

I used this free online pattern, with slight modifications, and this tutorial for the welt pockets. If even I can figure these out, you can too.

5 thoughts on “I made a vest!

  1. So cute! NO WAY! I am totally planning to make some little boys’ vests in the near future. I have the fabric and everything… Funny! Yours turned out very nice! I like the pockets too – I’ll have to check that out.

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