Tights Please Fishnet stockings

Tights Please, a UK based hosiery company specializing in all things hosiery from stockings and basic opaque tights to quirky patterned tights recently asked me to try out some tights …

This isn’t really a fashion blog, but hell, I like stockings! How could I say no? I actually secretly hoard socks and tights, anything that will cover my scarred and poorly shaven legs, the more patterned or unusual the better.

So I got this package in the mail, supposedly fishnets, and pulled out a pair of what to my disappointment first looked like plain black panyhose. They turned out to be kind of fun, when I realized that they’re different front-to-back. Or back to front, as I imagine you could wear them backwards.

The back, black side of the tights is actually a micro-fishnet weave. Hard to tell.

Yay! Free tights! I’ve worn them once now without snagging or destroying them, which is kind of amazing for me – so I’ll definitely be enjoying these again soon.

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