Cuts, blood, hair and flowers

We went into Il Corvo Pasta this morning to hang work for the Pike Hike Art Walk this Thursday, which runs from 5-8pm, to hang work and to watch the pasta master himself, Mike – bang out an army of artichoke raviolinis, some of which we were treated to for lunch, and they were amazing. I eat homemade pasta so rarely that I forget what a comforted, happy tummy it makes. The raviolini were served with fresh marjoram, roasted red peppers and garlic oil. Yum! We were also able to try the sage parpadelle, with lemon, cream and parmesan… so … my day has been fantastic! Thank you Mike!

I was able to get in some good drawing time today, so here they are:

Shaking flowers from her hair

Many little wounds

Separation (drawn after seeing a photo of an amputated hand)

Thursday! Come see Mike make more pasta! And SEAF  is this weekend – if you’ve never been, you should definitely consider it. I’ll be there Friday night at least, mostly for people-watching, and you should be, too.

4 thoughts on “Cuts, blood, hair and flowers

  1. “Seperation” looks strikingly similar to the album cover art for Converge’s “You Fail Me.” Their’s is much more visceral (they are a metalcore group, after all) while yours, at least to these poor eyes, has this drowzy, lucid dream-inducing fogginess that feels internally like the invert of the “Fail Me” version. It’s interesting to see how both have a parallel style, and even near-parallel emotional themes, yet send you through a different tunnel to reach that theme. Anyway, check theirs out here:
    Listen to them at your own discretion. You may find a strong desire afterwards to replace your palettes with all the colors of the dark.

    Love the artwork by the way. I’m very late getting around to this site but glad I found it. Very inspiring stuff!

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