New Fabric Work

I’m working on a number of larger pieces for an upcoming show at the Rooster Down Tattoo Gallery, Seattle, WA. I haven’t done any fabric work for… a couple of years now, this despite my piles of fabric laying around waiting to be used. Here is piece #1:

The first step: cutting flowers out of quilting fabric. This involves watching [listening to] lots of documentaries, nerdy podcasts, coffee and sore fingers. This pile is the result of about ten hours of cutting. Note the huge pile of blue flowers lined up for future pieces!

Ready to glue down! The drawing was done with pencil and ink, from a reference photo, on lightweight drawing paper, taped down to a board to prevent curling.

Next comes arranging. Only about five flowers are actually glued down at this stage, while I fiddle and move others around to reach something I’m happy with.

When I first started doing this kind of work, I went to the fabric store and bought fancy “fabric glue” which turned out to be pretty much Elmers rebranded, so now I stick with gluesticks. Hah, get it? Stick – with – oh, nevermind. Your could also pool elmers in a dish, and paint it on with a brush, but the gluesticks are much quicker and easier if you don’t mind getting your hands sticky.

Some details of the finished piece:

10 thoughts on “New Fabric Work

  1. Stache, that is a really awesome piece. Are you going to sell it? I want to buy one like it from you. It’s only right that your best friend buy some of your work.

  2. All of these fabric collages are so lovely… I especially like the texture/detail in the flowers of this one. It fits so beautifully with your drawing/painting.

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