Of papercutting

It’s about time I elaborate on an artist who’s been one of my biggest inspirations lately: another Seattle based artist, Ania of PaperCutWorks creates beautiful, intricate and personalized papercut works, in both of her two shops: First, her papercutting and art shop, PaperCutWorks: her papercut hearts are crafted out of outdated, vintage, repurposed and otherwise lonely maps, dictionaries, sheet music turned-wonderful, heart (fist)-sized personal works of art.

I especially enjoy her overlapping pieces, veins running through (up till now) as many as three separate hearts:

I also love the way she lovingly photographs her weapon of choice:

She also does hand-pulled block prints: one of which I hang proudly in my studio!

Her jewelry shop, Baltica, is full of these incredibly delicate and precious pieces featuring her mad blade-weilding skills:

Heart Secret Locket Papercut Necklace

In another vein, Ania also creates these awesome Writer’s spear. vintage pen nib. one-of-a-kind reclaimed necklaces. I wear jewelry so rarely, but I would proudly hang one of these around my neck, probably every day, if I ever get my hands on one.

For more of her work and process details, be sure to check out her blog: http://papercuthearts.wordpress.com/

And Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrzaszcz/

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