big mouth

A word on the mouths of my little girls.

What was initially a simple design decision turned out to be much more interesting than expected when, after the first Cute Girl show, I was confronted mainly with questions about the fact that none of the girls had mouths. Of course this was interpreted by many as some kind of feminist statement on voicelessness, anonymity, a state of powerlessness, etc… etc… to my horror! I just thought they were cuter without having obvious mouths: notice they also don’t seem to have noses, fingernails, upper-lip hair, and in many instances, bones.

The mouths are there, indeed they’re quite monstrous!

I think there’s a lot of power in hiding the secret weapon. Maybe that’s why I’m old-fashioned and a fan of long skirts, mild manners and recently the whole idea of “cute” … it’s possibly a distraction from the fact that – ah! – I’ve got a pistol/uzi/ninja star hidden in my handbag (figuratively speaking, of course)!

And then again, maybe I’ve just watched and been influenced by too many studio Ghibli films growing up.

My Neighbor Totoro

3 thoughts on “big mouth

  1. People ask me all the time “What do your pictures mean?” etc…..I just keep my mouth shut because the reality is “whatever you want them too” apparently is the wrong answer. It took me a long time to learn to say nothing & nod my head if I wanted to sell each work to pay the rent. Reality is they were just pictures in my head really not that deep. Laughter, N

  2. One of the things i love about your cute girls is the fact that they have no mouth. There is more than one way of getting your point across without having to use words. In fact peoples mouths have got them in to a lot trouble. God knows i have got myself in trouble in the past when i have opened my mouth. lol.

    I think people are to quick to open their mouths and tell too much about themselves, and your cute girls leave a lot to the imagination!

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