Cute Girl [world domination] STICKERS!!

So, between preparing for the upcoming VIZ ORG first Friday show and experimenting with stickers (thanks for the idea, Sean!), the studio is a disaster. But pages of self-stick labels and hours of battling laminating paper have resulted in a little army of girls ready to be plastered about town!

The construction of these is so much fun, and satisfies my compulsive need to cut out shapes (remember the flower obsession)

“Me and you”: a literal Venn diagram of our overlapping interests/features/ideals. Thinking about making more with varying degrees of overlap (because it’s true).

This girl has got her meditation to an art form. Bonus points if you can spot the sex toy.

6 thoughts on “Cute Girl [world domination] STICKERS!!

    :looks around at the rest of the class who look at her in surprise:
    I just know cause i’ve seen them in someone’s blog before..honest.
    :is embarrassed and sits back down:

  2. hahahaha, I spy with my little eye a set of anal beads!
    p.s. I adore your cute girls as stickers
    p.p.s. I found a dead preying mantis outside of work the other day and felt very sad. I said a few words and posed him in a menacing position near some flowers. A little macabre, perhaps. I thought of you. Because of the bug part, not the macabre part.

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