Denver Museum of Nature and Science [the best of]

Among thousands of butterflies, this one was my favorite.

Very Dr. Seussian prehistoric undersea plants.

The echidna, one of the only two monotremes in existence (along with the platypus). It reminds me of Nausicaa.

Creepy monkey skeleton


Incredible shell formations

Whole case full of incredible shell formations!

Homely gigantic prehistoric hog.

Skeleton of a sting ray – check out those … ribs? Amazing!

Giant wooly mammoth!

3 thoughts on “Denver Museum of Nature and Science [the best of]

  1. There’s nothing better than a natural history museum!

    Thanks for letting us get a peak at the one in your neighbourhood : )

    That relative-of-a-warthog is something else. Yikes! So many pretty things though, I love those shells and the echidna is so sweet.

    I’ve only been to Denver as a kid – about five or six I think – and my grandparents took me to the Children’s Museum (is that what it’s called?) which I remember being really cool (for a five year old!) but if I ever go back I will be sure to check this lovely spot out.

  2. Hey I was just looking for a monkey skelleton when I stumbled up on your blog. I also went to a natural history museum a while ago and I also posted all kind of images on my blog. And the funny thing is, you’re an illustrator right? Me too! So that’s a coinsidence. 🙂

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