The 2010 San Diego Comicon!

I just got back yesterday from the weekend in San Diego selling copies of the Virgin Project Vol 1 and 2 with Kevin Boze and John Lustig. This was my first time to the world’s largest comic convention, but it looks like it won’t be the last. We had such a great time that we’re signed up for next year, hopefully with a bigger booth, more books (we sold out), and possibly some cute girl prints and cards. I would go again just for the people watching and costumes. Here are some of the standouts. There are many more pictures on facebook, here.

Yvonne, this picture is for you.

Our booth: John Lustig of Last Kiss Comics, me and Kevin Boze.

Me nerding out on the fact that someone decided I qualified as a “professional”

True story! This happened the morning of day three, so we had plenty of time to walk around and peoplewatch.

Yes, please.

Kevin took this picture; all credit goes to him for this one – probably the most striking picture on my camera.

This guy was by far the best Link I saw at the convention.

One of several epic hallway battles

This was the happiest encounter ever! Grant Imahara, from the Mythbusters.

If someone knows who these lovely ladies are dressed up as, please let me in on the secret!

EDIT: It looks like they’re from the videogame: Katamari – thank you!

We’re indebted to our hosts for the duration of the show, who took the best care of us – packed us lunches, and even made us a cake our last night in the city!

4 thoughts on “The 2010 San Diego Comicon!

  1. awww! those ladies are totes katamaris! (katamaries? meh.)
    katamari damacy is a super addicting game for playstation in which you attempt to pick up stuff by rolling it into a ball. it is extra superdeeduper addicting if you happen to have OCD… which i do 😛

    i definitely know the guy in the ninth picture, but i just can’t place him :/

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