Jeff Guerrero! Ceramist! Bicycle enthusiast!

Yesterday this amazing package arrived on my doorstep from Jeff Guerrero: – he has a great collection of ceramics on his etsy shop, which is definitely worth checking out.

As well as being an incredible ceramic artist, Jeff also publishes this awesome little bike culture magazine called Urban Velo. See it on the web here.

The beautiful wheel-thrown stoneware “chawan” or “tea bowl” was fired in a gas kiln to 2200°F. During the firing, soda-ash was introduced, creating a natural glaze on the raw clay surface of the bowl. The inside features a smooth, glassy glaze: a Tessha, or iron red glaze, a traditional Japanese favorite.
The marbled effect is achieved by wedging porcelain into the stoneware (very difficult to do well).

This teacup is THE perfect size! I look forward to spending lots of time with it, and perhaps in the future will expand my budding Guerrero collection. 🙂

One thought on “Jeff Guerrero! Ceramist! Bicycle enthusiast!

  1. i love clay handmade tea cups of this size. have one in my collection so far – i only drink my evening tea+honey+soy in it. it makes the whole experience so much richer!

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