a temporary lack of photos…

So, our apartment was broken into yesterday and our cameras stolen. Which is a shame, because we have an addition to the household – a little white girl hedgehog named Nausicaa.

When we get a new camera, there will be lots of photos.

5 thoughts on “a temporary lack of photos…

  1. Eeek! Oh my gosh, was anything else stolen? Also, Nausicaa is an awesome name for a hedgehog, wherever did you find one for a pet?? How do they make as pets? Are they cuddly? lol
    Btw, I just saw pictures of the forest Miyazaki used as inspiration for Princess Mononoke, and I think we need to take a trip to Japan Stasia. I’m serious, we should go! Make a whole trip of it, visit tons of places, get inspiration. Well, not that you need it… but I need it! And I need you there to see everything with fresh eyes with me.

    • Nah, just the cameras. We found Nausicaa on craigslist. Most hedgehogs you have to get through a breeder, and they typically charge around $200-$300, so we were pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to have one, but her old owner couldn’t keep her anymore, so gave us a good deal. She’s really cute and cuddly once she calms down a bit (she spooks easily, puffs up and hisses when she’s afraid, which is often). We’ve only had her for three days, so I’ll keep you posted!
      And yes, once I can afford to make a trip to Japan, I’ll definitely let you know. That would be awesome, and I’m jealous that you’ve been and can remember. 🙂

      • nahhhh I haven’t been to Japan, I just REALLY REALLY WANT TO GO.
        Someday. *sigh*
        Also, I love the picture of Nausicaa, she’s adorable.

  2. as always love your work. what tools do you do use when you do your printing? i ask because i would like to start an etsy/artfire page of my own. if you can point me to a link(s) of helpful information that would be great too!

    • Rachelle, thank you! I do all my printing on a little color inkjet printer at home. Right now I can’t afford it but I would love to have a printing press so I could do woodblock printing. For oversize work (anything larger than 8.5″x11″) I take digital files to a local printer who can print on my own watercolor paper. With a little research you could probably find a printer near you to do this with. Etsy has a ton of resources for beginning sellers. I can hardly begin to pin down a single great read, but here’s a start: keep updated on the storque (etsy’s blog): http://www.etsy.com/storque/ as they post new, helpful tips weekly. Here’s etsy’s community page: http://community.etsy.com/ with forums where you can ask questions. My biggest tip would be to just go ahead and start! I put off opening an etsy page for a long time because I was so intimidated, but it’s so much fun and you really learn little things every day. Good luck, and if you have any specific questions, I’ll try and help. 🙂

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