The Cute Girl World Domination Show

Here is what you should think about while viewing this work:

{  Options, limits, avatars, Wii, Second Life, customization, the American Dream, expectations, acceptability, politeness, subservience, muteness, anonymity, tattoos as dangerous, secret; seen as “permanent” in an impermanent world, revealing and covering “nakedness”, self-image, picking and choosing, anime, the digital world, clarity, books, what we want our children to see, things about which we’re ignorant or in self-denial, eating disorders, physical anomalies, gender identity, misconception of girl as little, cute, weak, quiet, flighty; the blur between primness and overt sexuality, individual vs. group psychology, loneliness, isolation, being lost in a crowd, Eastern vs. Western: group vs. individual, minimalism vs. accumulation, cute vs. heroic, undefined vs. black and white, and the illusion of the dialectic. }

Many artists aggressively avoid the possibility of their work falling into the realm of “cute”, mostly because we want to think of ourselves as serious artists who makes serious art. Only recently did it occur to me that “cuteness” has the potential to be dead serious.

When we’re small we’re asked “what we’d like to be when we grow up,” and presented with a suggestive list of options: doctor, lawyer, artist, teacher… without mentioning specific possibilities: homeless, lonely, knocked up, outspoken, afraid. We’re presented with a simplified image of the world which makes the transition from child to adult fuzzy. The vague, mute and subtractive faces are anonymous. The characters are identified by their bodies, by their clothing, their stance, their suggested profession, and their possessions. By using a clean palette of black and white I’m mirroring the simplicity by which it’s easiest to view ourselves in our world, only injecting some slight discomfort and disorder.

This work is the regurgitation of a lot of people watching, and a lot of wondering who people are a little deeper than how they present themselves.

4 thoughts on “The Cute Girl World Domination Show

  1. i’m a long time reader of your blog and although i’ve never commented before i HAD to comment on this post.

    i love love love your work. i think you have an amazing unique style and a wonderful artistic voice.

    i think that this is a really wonderful and important point. i feel like using cuteness as an ideological weapon is a really accessible way to get people’s attention and having them be open to what you have to say.
    your work is a beautiful way of opening people up to the humanity of others and even their own humanity.

  2. Very nice your work! I am a brazilian designer and illustrator and found interesting your dash and close it with the oriental culture.

  3. I LOVE your work! I saw it in the Idaho Commons and knew right then I had to buy a piece of your art! It is BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

  4. I feel sorry I missed the showing at UI campus. Saw the poster for it today, and then googled the name. I love the art!

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