Character sheet: me!

I just realized it’s been nearly four years since I’ve done this exercise, originally in Ellen Foney’s Comics I class at Cornish. Overall the same, except for the name and slightly shorter hair, this is a portrait of me as of today!!

My drawing style hasn’t changed all that much since then; though I’ve done a lot more work since then in this medium. Here’s what I thought of myself at the tender age of 19: (!!)

4 thoughts on “Character sheet: me!

  1. hey, how are you doing?:) my name is xio, and i just had to tell you how much i love your work. everything is so cute and sooo unique! especially the secret yakuza series.
    well, keep up the great work.♥

  2. what a great idea! as for your character studies… you have changed! there’s this air of confidence that you don’t really see before. thumbs up!

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