tea, tea, tea!

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This is what I feel like often when it gets this cold out (lately, in the single digits) – being able to literally swim in tea … apparently this little girl is seeping herself in the lesser known “dragonfly tea”… not for the faint of heart. My personal favorites, however – are:

Kukicha (twig tea) – yes, you can drink twig juice… and it’s amazing! There’s something about being able to get something enjoyable out of little sticks that is super satisfying.

Genmaicha (brown rice tea) – also known as “popcorn tea”, this is a mixture of green tea and roasted brown rice, which pops when heated – resulting in what looks like a mini batch of popcorn floating in your cup!

Yunnan Gold (black tea) – with light yellow leaves, it’s rich and buttery tasting- with very little bitterness.

What’s your favorite kind of tea?

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