recent studio work

rapunzel sm

Pencil and sumi on watercolor paper, 17″x20″. This one is about the story of Rapunzel, the power and sexuality associated with hair, and the act of cutting: transition, renewal, and transformation.stasia burrington hermit

Pencil and Sumi on watercolor paper, 17″x20″.

stasia burrington fingers

pencil, sumi and watercolor on watercolor paper, 17″x20″. These last two I meant to leave open to interpretation, but the responses I’ve gotten so far have been unintentionally sexual!

constellation sm

Charcoal, sumi, printmaking ink and thread on unprimed canvas… around 3.5′ x 4.5′. Freckles, stars, myth-making and interconnectedness.

firefly sm

Water-soluble pencil, sumi, and acrylic on unprimed canvas. About 3.5’x4.5′. Again with the stars, this time with fireflies, the briefness of their lifespans – you can see them dying and falling off at the bottom. With the stars dripping off of her body I was reminded of the only organisms on the planet who not only survive but actually thrive on hydrochloric acid, deep in caves, and output light…. so basically this piece is about glowing bugs and stars.

untitled sm

Water-soluble pencil, sumi and cut-out fabric flowers on unprimed canvas, about 4’x5′. This one I still feel is in a bit of a chrisis. I liked the figure drawing (except for the foot) before I started gluing the flowers on, and now it seems quite overdone, somehow. Maybe it’s the excessiveness of the pink, and maybe I’ve just spent too much time staring at it. Either way, I’m calling it done for now.

corpse sm

This one’s still in progress, there will be more flowers. Sumi and cut-out flowers on unprimed canvas, 4’x5′.

There’s only a month left before our senior show goes up – I’m so excited!

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