New work

Wow; it’s been horrifically long since I’ve uploaded new work… so here goes:This piece, though I started working on it over a month ago, is still a work in progress. The drawing is just under life-size, in pencil and watercolor. The two girls are shown from head-to-toe, flower petals falling off from their clothing and pooling at their feet. The end goal is that this turns into a shoji screen and actual cut-out paper petals pile underneath the screen.

Two closeups
This also isn’t quite done. Also life-size, this is india ink and fabric dye on arches printmaking paper. I feel like there needs to be great deal more of the butterflies in order to feel right. I’m unsure right now whether I should add more color… hmmm. I think it’ll just hang out on the studio wall for a while and we’ll see what happens.

Just last month I started playing with the idea of cutting patterns out of quilting fabric and using them as the palette for some smaller pieces. These are about 21″x21″, linen cut to size then brushed with fabric stiffener (which I’m convinced is just elmer’s glue, and overpriced! My gullibility rears its head again, damnit). I used fabric glue for the first piece, which is also just overpriced elmer’s glue, but for the remaining pieces I’m finding cheap gluesticks to work just as well.

I’m pretty fond of how this one turned out. The cutting-out of all the tiny individual petals was a pain in the ass, but I do like the ink outlines and limited palatte. Some of the edges are inked in gold, which doesn’t really show up in the digital image, but up close this piece is actually rather shimmery.

This pixel-y one is my least favorite so far. I know her crotchal region and legs are kind of wonky, the colors just aren’t very exciting, and her face it too much like that of a cat’s. After I turn this in for a school assignment I just might take a lighter to it…

This one I feel is one of the more successful, if only for the surprising, and uncharacteristic, abundance of color.This one I’m still unsure of. There are things I like and things that are still weird… like, the awkward pink legs. Hmmm.

Oh yeah! And I did these, just for fun:

Well, that’s all for the moment, but I’ll try to keep more recent from here on out.

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